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Major Depressive Disorder is very common amongst women, and is often experienced as fatigue, apathy (“I don’t care”) or chronic sadness, lack of motivation, an inability to enjoy pleasurable activities, body ailments, feelings of worthlessness and sleep disturbance. There are a myriad of reasons why someone falls into depression.


It is often triggered by a sense of overwhelm, an overactive sense of responsibility, poor work/life balance, a tragic event, societal expectations and inequalities, and relationship difficulties. It is almost always accompanied by a sustained sense of helplessness and loss of hope that circumstances will change. Our view of things become more and more narrow, making it hard to see any viable solutions to the problems we are facing. What complicates it is the tendency to isolate, which takes away support and the possibility of a different perspective.  

Just because it’s hard to see a way forward, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Jars of Clay is able to provide caring and non-judgmental emotional support. Allow us to help you with managing stressors, problem solving, guiding you in taking care of your body, and gaining skills to shift your perspective. Let us inspire hope in you, so that you feel alive and excited about life again.

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