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Insecure Attachment

When someone has issues with attachment in their relationships, they may struggle with abandonment, be avoidant of intimacy and closeness, or have a significant fear of being alone. Attachment disorders come from early childhood experiences where there may have been physical or emotional neglect, abuse or inconsistency from caretakers. More often than not those experiences are normalized and the impact of them aren’t clearly seen until adulthood.

Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships is often due to the low self-esteem that women have developed. They find themselves trying to get their needs met while also keeping themselves safe behind a shield wall of defense mechanisms. This can look like constantly rescuing, pulling close only to push away, or waiting years for the potential of the relationship to be realized to the detriment of one’s own well-being. The inner critic shames us relentlessly for not doing enough. 

Many women unknowingly find themselves in relationships that are co-dependent where a person is completely relying on someone else to sustain their emotional functioning. This can happen in any type of relationship where the person has unhealed wounds. These relationships often mimic the childhood relationship where needs went unmet and often causes complex trauma. 

Jars of Clay specializes in providing treatment for healing attachment wounds. Unlearn unhealthy behaviors and learn relationship skills in order to have meaningful, satisfying, long lasting healthy relationships.

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