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Work / Life Balance

More than ever before, women are pursuing advanced degrees and upward career mobility, and have absolutely been rocking it! They are also striving hard to maintain romantic relationships, take care of their children, and stay connected in their friendships. Even with all of those efforts, loneliness is prevalent among us and we long to be connected with someone who truly gets us. It really is impossible to be everywhere all it once, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Burn out these days is at an all time high and we live in a culture that glorifies work while shaming rest.


Running on fumes can increase stress levels and anxiety, cause disruption to sleep, make us irritable and keep us from being able to concentrate like we need to. The quality of all that we are working for becomes greatly diminished. Headaches, chronic stomach problems, teeth clenching, back and neck pain, and even hormonal imbalance are common ailments associated with overwhelm and stress due to poor life balance. At some point, we have to admit that we are limited human beings.

Jars of Clay can help you to prioritize and manage your time so that you are able to actually enjoy your everyday life. Gain a sense of meaning and purpose, rather than being dragged along from experience to experience. Create the lifestyle that you want, building the infrastructure and supports you need to have sustainability and life satisfaction. Move out of the chaos and be able to sit with inner peace, restoring your mind, body and spirit so that you can move with intention. Feel empowered to take your life back!

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