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Relationship Dysfunction

Typically when there is dysfunction in a relationship, it is the responsibility of both parties to work towards repair. However, women often have difficulty using their voices out of a desire to keep the peace, and will take on the responsibility of keeping the entire relationship going on their own. They will tolerate abusive behaviors, may have a really hard time asking for needs to be met or for changes to be made, and will suppress their emotions until they lash out in anger or fall into a depression. 

Because relationship issues are often generational in nature, we sometimes haven’t learned the necessary skills needed to communicate properly, be willing to compromise, or recognize when it’s time to let go. Ineffective communication and disrespect can disrupt the trust that is so easily broken, causing a wide chasm of emotional distance between two people who actually care about one another.


Jars of Clay is able to help you identify harmful relationship patterns and navigate dynamics in your relationships, so that you can see them clearly and develop skills that will enable you to effectively communicate your expectations and values.

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